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On this site you will find a wealth of information regarding the old Victorian asylum,

Three Counties Asylum (later known as Fairfield Hospital )Still stands proud on the Arlesey / Stotfold border.

It is the only complete surviving example of a Victorian Asylum that I know of  in Great Britain,

It  was designed in the wonderful gothic romantic style by George Fowler Jones and built by

William Webster of Boston Lincolnshire


Most people living in and around Arlesey, Stotfold, Letchworth, Hitchin and Ickleford will of at some point in their lives had something to do with the Three Counties Asylum


First and foremost it has been a place of patient care. For nearly 140 years it was operating as a psychiatric hospital to care and treat the thousands of patients that  passed through its doors.

It was also a place of employment and employed many local and people from all over the world.


It was a great shortcut for people, especially the fishermen who would cut through on their way to the Arlesey lagoons or people going for picnics and a swim.


People in their hundreds and thousands would visit Fairfield hospital in the summer for the fetes, especially  in the 1970's and 1980's with top DJs like Ed Stewpot and stars of Coronation Street attending in 82,I believe it was Bill Roache who plays Ken Barlow and Pat Phoenix who played Elsie Tanner


The grounds of the Asylum played host to many sports such as  cricket, bowls and football

 many of the local folks would get merry in the club house afterwards.


There was also a cinema {my cousins saw The Exorcist there age 13!}


We even have tales of MURDER! and  STRANGE  DEATHS ,


So you see the hospital has touched  many lives over so many years in so many ways.


Locally we were very concerned that the old place would be demolished when it closed its doors in 1999 thankfully it was saved and the outside restored to its former glory and the inside turned into luxury apartments, The Fantastic Bannatyne’s Health Club and the wonderful relaxing ambience of the Brasserie compliment and fuse well with the refurbishment.



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