This Video was filmed by my Dad in the late 1980's. My uncle and aunt had moved to Greece and my Dad filmed all around various places in Arlesey as a keepsake and sent it to them. Apart from the main Hospital building it shows now rare shots of the Social Club , The Huts, and the WRVS Shop. Can anyone identify any of the other buildings?

just click on the link below and that will take you to You Tube,



A very big thank you to Martyn Dilley for  his e.mail regarding this piece of old video, He tells us :


The video film you have uploaded to youtube is interesting, the first part is of the original ‘Fairfield’ Hospital [the main building was still Three Counties], the red brick building was originally a couple of general hospital wards used during the war. They eventually became wards F9 and M11 [female ward to the left and male to the right – the line of cars was the central part] when the whole campus site was renamed ‘Fairfield Hospital’

The cedar-wood building I believe was the sports hut and the staff social club. Then the film shows the hutted wards [the Huts] these were originally part of the ‘London Chest Hospital/Brompton Hospital’ but became wards of the main hospital when renamed. They were corridor-ed into A-B and C-D and numbered 1-6. The main building is obvious, again with male wards to the left of the main entrance and female to the right. The wards were all numbered Male 1 being the nearest to the centre to Male 10 the furthest away, same for the female wards The lodge was at the rear entrance facing the artisan workshops and the church.


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